Our Team

Project Save the Hungry is made up of a team of passionate and creative like-minded individuals coming together with determination to END POVERTY, HUNGER and UNEMPLOYMENT in Nigeria and Africa.


Modestus Odinaka Bernard

He is the Founder of  RichLife Africa Project Ltd and Uncle BernarD Restaurant. As a Food Enthusiast, he is a believer that it is an error for a Person to  live in hunger or die of starvation hence the desire to make a difference in his generation by seeking to eliminate hunger in Nigeria and Africa at large.

This has Birthed both Uncle BernarD Restaurant and RichLife Africa Project.

Modestus Odinaka Bernard is a Social Entrepreneur and Activist who works tirelessly to reduce poverty and defend the weak and vulnerable in the society by creating employment and providing basic needs of mankind,  especially food and shelter. 

Alongside my competent team at RichLife Africa and Ileoge Women’s Initiative, We’re sure to Stop The Hunger menace in Africa beginning with “Project Save The Hungry”. Together we can!


His Royal Highness, Baale Dapo Oshin

He is a Broadcaster, media consultant, mentor, and a traditional ruler (Baale). He's a complete gentleman and down to earth. Dapo Oshin is vast in the matters of life  and politics. A dear father and super husband. He's full of life and always eager to make impacts.

Dapo Oshin is an ambassador of peace.



Her Royal Highness, Olori Ololade Oshin

She is a beauty therapist, life coach, mentor and a real estate investor. She’s a warm and open-minded personality, someone who is clear about who she is and who she wishes to become. She’s also a woman who uses her own pain and challenges to help others. Ololade Oshin is a multitasker, creative thinker, wall breaker mother of four talented children and a wife to her man of gold. Her love for women and beauty is deep! This prompted her to initiate a women support platform (Ileoge Women’s Initiative) purposely to help young and old women balance their personal, family and business life.

Above all, Ololade Oshin is a Messenger of Joy! Sent to every woman in dilemma to help her find fulfillment in life.

Her Social Media Handles / Website







Mr Isaac Isong

He is a Teacher , a preacher and a Missionary . He is the founder ,president,  The Zion Evangelical Movement  ( TZEM ) an Outreach Ministry . Currently  the Host pastor , Frontline Missionary Church ,Oshodi Lagos . He is also an Event & Entertainment consultant,an events and models manager with exponential strategy that expose the unique features of a brand . With his exposure and years of experience in event package and management this gave birth to DE NOBLE ISAAC LTD. Where doubles as the MD/CEO. He is the  Founder & President DE NOBLE MODEL's COURT aka Court of the African Beauties , a model agency that produced Miss African Beauty and Brain Pageant. African Beauty Fashion show. The brand is at the cutting edge of the entertainment industry providing best entertainment package .. Undoubtedly the most sort after brand. Finally Isong Isaac hold the position as Chief Operation Officer in Project Save The Hungry.

Married to Obonganwan Esther Isong with 3 Beautiful angels to expand his business empire.

Social Media Handles: 

Facebook: @IsaacIsong


IG: @africanbeautyandbrainpageant




Chris Jorsh...Co-founder of Jorsh Creative Media.

An ambassador to Richlifeafrica and Uncle Bernard Restaurant. 

A Graphic Designer, Programmer(C#) Game developer, cinematography and a Cartoonist.           

He is passionate on what he loves doing and had work with many agencies at every proffesional level that result into making him a public figure. 

He is uses his professional skills to enhance,develop and support youth who aspire to be useful in their lives..

He is diligent and open-minded to every one including the poor and the rich, he make sure he reaches out to meet every needs and desire only by the grace of God..  He is a special child of God. 

Finally he makes his work useful with Richlifeafrica that helps solves and tackle the issue of hunger and poverty and as well making his skills interactive with the project " Project save the Hungry "



Grecelda Hobson is a Human Resource Management consultant, The CEO of Grecelda Hobson Limited, a Consulting firm with branches in the UK and Nigeria.

She is a seasoned business strategist and has helped re-engineer many organizations to international standard.

She has a flair for helping others and is a relationship counsellor, a writer, singer and is Married to a wonderful husband.



Bola Shokeye Oparaugo, Co-Founder Uncle BernarD Restaurant and Brand Manager RichLife Africa Project Ltd. A Wife and Mother Of 3. She Is Passionate About Good Food and Relentless in The Fight Against Hunger and Malnutrition in Africa. Over the Years, She Has Worked to Develop Nutritious and Affordable Meals from Local Recipes to Help Solve the Problems of Food and Poverty. She Is at The Fore Front of The Campaign “Project Save The Hungry”. Together We Save Lives.



Maceline Ajen is a business woman, She has a degree in Entrepreneur and business management. She is open minded and always ready to learn new things that can upgrade her mind and beneficial to mankind. She is optimistic and believes the sky is her limit. She is always ready to help people in need and she derived joy in helping others. She also coaches people on fitness and health. She is passionate about women empowerment and girl child education. She is using her present and pass experience to reach out to other women out there. She is a super mom and active campaigner of “Project Save The Hungry”.